December 19, 2017:  The Uncomfortable Truth About Adult Cystic Fibrosis (CF or CRMS Diagnosis):  Catching My Breath After a Long Journey:  I share my experience learning about my medical status of someone with Atypical Cystic Fibrosis:

October 19, 2017:  What About the Girls?  I consider being a Feminist and what advice I would give young women if asked.

August 18, 2017:  Eternal Youth in Everyday Life:  I explore some thoughts about staying young and enjoying it.

August 17, 2017:  Stonewalling:  Finding Better Solutions:  When encountering someone who is a stonewaller, what can the receiver of this behaviour do?  Here are some strategies.

August 7, 2017:  The Resilience Factor:  Being a Little Bit Crazy Helps:  This article focuses on the matter of resilience in the context of learning that I might have some lung issues on the Cystic Fibrosis Spectrum.

July 5, 2017:  Hands-On and Hands-Off Relationships:  Many times we wonder when to engage with people and when to detach in various relationships.

January 12, 2017:  The Hats That I Have Worn:  The many hats that I have worn, both literally and figuratively, have influenced how I see the world and the world sees me.

January 10, 2017:  On the Other Side of Comfortable:  I write about my thoughts about the value and challenges of living on the grid versus the merits and insecurities of living a nomadic life travelling instead.

November 16, 2016:  Paying for Post-Secondary Education:  This article speaks to my son’s and my post-secondary and our financial realities across generations and how we managed to pay for it with some clear communication with our respective families.

October 22, 2016:  The Magic Cure:  Kambucha:  This is a short article on my husband’s first effort at making kambucha.

August 25, 2016:  Humility in Relationship:  Relationships benefit from open and honest disclosures of our weaknesses.

July 14, 2016:  Getting Started Writing for love AND a Living:  Research and Reflections on Creative Writing Through to Publication:  Creative writing takes discipline and practice to get motivated to write through to publication.  This article explains some of the theory behind the art and science of creative writing through my own experience of getting started.

July 23, 2015:  And They Lived Happily Ever After:  What happens after we make our commitments?

July 17, 2015:  Staying Forever Young:  It is not easy being healthy as a 50-something woman.


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