Reflective Pieces


2012 to 2016:  Please also find some of reflective blog pieces on my previous blog site entitled Adventure Ahead:  52 Weeks Begin Now at

March 7, 2017:  The Snub is the New No:  Why do people not answer their phones anymore?

January 13, 2017:  The Hats That I have Worn:  It is sometimes interesting to reflect back over our lives and review the roles and responsibilities that we have had, and how they have shaped our identities.

January 8, 2017:  On the Other Side of Comfortable:  It is so important to find our edges and figure out what we can do beyond our comfort zones.

June, 2016:  My Antique Clock:  I reflect on how my antique clock has found a wonderful place in my home, and reminds me of how to keep ticking:

June, 2016:  The Flip Side:  How do we look at both sides of things?

June, 2016:  Random Karma: Sometimes the unexpected keeps on happening.